For us women, the bag is an essential accessory because it completes our outfit, accompanies us when we walk but, above all, because it contains our lives: from the house keys to the toothbrush. To hear a man speak, the bag is just a container to store anything that comes to mind, even when at home we do not know where to place something “… where do I put it? Trac … we put it in the bag! “. But it’s not really like that. The use of this accessory is very important. In addition to containing everything that can be used while we are around, including bunches of keys and wallets of partners and boyfriends, the bag gives us security and femininity, helps us to move with class and to have a more feminine walk. With her we feel protected when we walk alone on the street and men make us the thread. Therefore, a real woman can not go out without a big, small or shoulder bag! How to choose a women’s bag. I, like you, I imagine, I have bags suitable for different occasions but, every year, I choose one to wear every day to go to work. This year I would like it to be fashionable and fit any kind of outfit. Yes, I do not want to find myself in one of those embarrassing situations, because of my morning delays, in which I do not have the bag combined with what I wear.

A bag that you build with your own hands? It was conceived in Japan and is called Origami Bag. It is still a prototype but it could also revolutionize the way we pack! I have a Japanese friend named Reiko who lives in the heart of Japan, Tokyo. Every year he comes to visit us in Italy and every year he enchants us with one of the courses and the other with his ability to create Origami, small sculptures obtained by folding the paper on itself: a traditional art that is very widespread all over Japan. When I read, in my wanderings on the web, of this new Origami bag that you build with your own hands (and it is not paper), you can understand how eagerly it has ignited in me the urge to have it in my closet! The bag is called “Orishiki”, hybrid word composed of “Ori”, or Origami and “Shiki” or Furoshiki, the Japanese art of folding clothes and that, in a way quite incomprehensible to us Westerners, allows you to contain even objects . The prototype is in fact a real portable device consisting of two structures consisting of triangular segments that can be folded as Origami and that, once in shape, can contain objects, as happens in the Furoshiki.

An O Bag competition to create new bags that you could perhaps see on sale on the official website of the brand or in the many stores scattered around Italy? What a good news, also because you know that the contest is open to everyone and not only to designers. The fashion brand that has made the versatility and customization its trademark, in fact, has decided to launch a competition for the creation of new bags. Who knows, maybe the winners are hidden among our readers! The O Bag brand has, in fact, launched the “Empowering Future Generation” open innovation contest, which aims to involve not only designers, students, architects, engineers and creatives, but also all lovers of the fashion brand, coming from every corner of the world.

The project was born from the partnership between the brand that has always been attentive to the democratic nature of its products, thanks to the high degree of customization, and platform of Italian open design and innovation, which with its international community of more than 100 thousand designers from every corner of the world it always proposes interesting contests. O Bag has provided two contests open to all and accessible directly from the platform: you are asked to create a new unisex backpack and a new form of bag. Obviously the participants must follow the founding values ​​of the brand, proposing new modular solutions, customizable, characterized by the use of industrial or recycled materials.